About Company


The products we manufacture for more than 20 years are the best business cards of our values. They constitute the foundation of our business and a guide for reliable conduct for our current and future employees. And it all began in 2002, when we discovered how an unrivaled marketing medium can be a mug with a print. Over the years, we have developed this passion by gaining unique knowledge about modern techniques of decorating ceramics and porcelain.
At the same time, we made sure that the product offer was rich, varied and suited to the budgets of our partners. Thanks to this, our clients easily choose the best products and techniques of decorating in harmony with the spirit of the brand. Unique collections of products with various finishes and shapes allow you to naturally gain sympathy among users.
We work with hundreds of advertising agencies in Poland and many distributors in Europe. Thanks to these successes, we deeply believe that our specialist industry has huge development potential and a chance to build a positive and environmentally friendly image of products and brands.

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Why choose our company?


We have been decorating advertising ceramics for over 20 years, thanks to which you will gain more experience in the promotional ceramics industry.


We are a supplier who can adapt to the expectations of almost every customer.


Thanks to specialist knowledge, professional service and many years of experience, customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed.


We are a team of passionate experts who use many years of experience in the promotional ceramics industry.


Quality guarantee is the foundation of our business.


Smooth and effective communication during the execution of the orders allows us to submit orders on time and quickly.