About us
Does the perfect promotional mug exist?

That particular question helps us over a dozen years of developing and implementing the most innovative solutions for our Customers. As one of the leading promotional ceramics manufacturers in Poland, we’re absolutely sure that perfectly designed and produced articles guarantee outstanding results and remarkable success of our Customers. We’re a supplier who understands the needs of modern brands and the law of attraction by using promotional gift on the target group. Thousands of orders delivered to more than 20 countries each year, means for us the biggest reward of passion and determination to promote a mug as the best brand messenger.

What are the priorities for us?

We create high-quality products because, in fact, they become the most economical and efficient in its budget group. Modern technology park and the team of integrated experts are the core of our business. We’re not afraid of sophisticated challenges, because those projects set a direction of the industry development. The website is proudly presented, due to the fact it’s a complex summary of our over a dozen years experience. We kindly invite you to check out all the decorating techniques and vast product range

Why our mugs are worth choosing?

From the beginning to the end

We are a supplier who assists the customer in each production process.

We adjust to your needs

Quality, punctuality and flexibility are crucial factors for us.

100% satisfaction

Perfectly designed offer, professional and kind service promise a perfect production of the order.

Not afraid of the challenges

We are open-minded on customer’s needs, we’re pleased to do the most sophisticated projects including authorised productions.