FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Placing the orders

1.1    How to place an order?

Order should be placed by mail with precise description of quantity, name, color of product and transport option. Beside that, it’s necessary to pro vide the printing file in required format.

1.2    How is the order confirmed?

Order confirmation is sent in 24 hours the latest through mail including visual proof, proforma invoice and leadtime.

1.3    What is the MOQ?

Standard MOQ is 24 pieces.

1.4    What is the leadtime of the order?

  • Average leadtime is 10 working days after reception of all required materials and approval of the visual proof by the customer. 
  • Fast lead time (Express) can be around 5 working days and depends on current production capacity. In that case, we encourage to contact our sales department.

2. Decorations

2.1    What is the required format of printing files?

  • Vectorised file saved in Corel, EPS or PDF.
  • Sublimation artwork (Digital Print) as well as gradient projects file JPEG 300dpi.
  • We recommend to define the colors according to Pantone specification.
  • Important matter is the minimal thickness of the line in the project which is 0,2mm.
  • Artworks for Direct Print can be built only in solid Pantone colors.

2.2    What is the difference between vectorised and gradient artwork?

Vectorised projects are built of separated elements which can be smoothly modified according to needs and size of particular product. Gradient artwork is built of rectangular net with large number of small dots (pixels). Saturation of those points creates the resolution of the graphics. It has significant impact on the quality of printing.

2.3    What means full color and why it’s not always 4 colors?

Due to limited possibilites of the color palette in CMYK (connection of basic colors cyjan, magenta, yellow, black), it’s recommended in Transfer Plus method to add more Pantones. In that case, we kindly ask to send the full color artworks for each calculation.

2.4    Is there a printing method which reflects the Pantones more precisely?

Yes. Revolutionary low temperature method called Polylux enables to reflect most of the Pantones. Thanks to it, the most demanding colors are saturated very well (more vibrant than in Transfer Plus method). Inks are dishwasher proof, minimal resistance is around 250 washing hours in the temp 60 C. Limiation is smaller resistance to mechanical damage. On the other hand, Transfer Plus fired in high temperature has color restrictions where results can differ even 15% from the expected outcomes. That case can not be a matter of complain.

2.5    Is there a possibility to decorate the products above the standard printing areas?

Yes, of course. Untypical projects are possibile to produce. In that case, we kindly ask to contact our sales department.

2.6    Is there a possibility to proceed with a pre-production sample first?

Each accomplished product can differ from the visual proof or from the artwork seen on the computer screen. Due to that fact, there is an option to order a pre-production sample first. After approval of a physical prototype, mass production will proceed. Calculation and leadtime will be sent from our sales department.

2.7    Which decoration method fits the best to the photo quality artworks?

2.8    What is the resistance of printings?

2.9    What are the prices of printing?

Calculation of imprint relates to a few factors. Firstly, there must be a decision which decorating method fits the best to the artwork. Impact on the price has quantity of products, size of imprint and number of colors. We kindly encourage to provide the artworks for calculations and before placing the orders. It prevents all the misunderstandings.

3. Products

3.1    Is there a possiblity to produce the article out of the standard offer?

Indeed, there is an option to produce the artocle out of the standard offer. On customer’s demand and detailed discussion our sales department will take the risk to proceed with untypical product.

3.2    Is there a possiblity to print on the entrusted products?

Yes, there is a possibility to produce decoration on the customer’s article. However, we won’t be responsible for the failures and damages caused by low quality of entrusted products. To prezent misunderstandings, we recommend to produce a pre-production sample first.

3.3    What is the difference between porcelain and ceramics?

The difference between porcelain and ceramics is delicate, however for many customers matters. Porcelain is produced from the raw material which after firing process becomes white. After that procees, article is covered by transparent glaze. On the other hand, ceramics is made of raw material which after firing becomes darker. Next step is glazing the article in any color including also white.

3.4    Why the articles in the offer are made in Europe and China as well?

We work for many polish and foreign customers with many different preferences. The highest quality of printing can be done on the european articles. Chinese products are more popular and much more price competetive. Sometimes it unfluences the quality of printing on a particular product.

4. Terms of payments and deliveries

4.1    Is there a possiblity to send the neutral shipments?

Most of our orders are shipped neutral. As a producer we care about business of our distributors. Each agency can trust and count on our professional service. Each shipment to the end customer has the delivery note of our customer.

4.2    What are the delivery times of the orders?

Delivery time depends on destination and forwarder. Our standard forwarders are Dachser, Raben, Pekaes. For parcels we use DPD and UPS. However, each country has different estimation of the delivery time. For more precise information, we kindly ask to contact our sales department.

4.3    What are the payment terms and can we have delayed payment?

Co-operation with us gives the possibility to have delayed payment term in case the particular customer made 3 upfront payments in the following year. In case of large orders, we can offer special insurance policy and guarantee delayed payment.