• 225 mm Height:
  • 80 mm Diameter:
  • 450 ml Capacity:
  • Stainless steel Material:

Available colors

Example projects:

Description of a product

Mug with an unusual, slim and subtle arched shape with a capacity of 450 ml. Made of stainless steel, covered with enamel. An innovative solution used in the construction of thermoses was used for production. The double wall effectively insulates the contents of the cup, guaranteeing maintaining temperature for up to 24 hours. The lid is made of two-color plastic, with attention to the smallest details, which adds to the mug's charm. An innovative solution is the use of a mouthpiece, closed with a button, which, after releasing the grip, automatically closes the hole.

Decorating techniques:
  • Polylux - 1 side
  • Polylux - 2 sides
  • Polylux - Wallpaper
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Logistic details:
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