• 320 mm Height:
  • 80 mm Diameter:
  • 500 ml Capacity:
  • Stainless steel Material:

Available colors

Description of a product

Metal thermos, matt, stainless steel, 500 ml capacity. Made with the latest, proven technique ensuring long-term fluid temperature maintenance, up to 24h. Double walls effectively, vacuum insulate the contents, while ensuring a constant temperature of the external wall, which does not heat up. Nut fully the function of a cup. A straight line and uniform color create a perfect background for applying engraving, which looks very clearly. A 1000ml version is also available!

Decorating techniques:
  • Polylux - 1 side
  • Polylux - 2 sides
  • Polylux - Wallpaper
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Logistic details:
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Dear customers, despite the crazy prices on the market in 2021, we increased the stocks of top mugs to avoid increases as long as possible. However, we warn you that part of the offer will inevitably become more expensive. Please confirm your offers with the sales department from 01/03/2021. We apologize for any problems.