Technical preparation for printing:

1. Artwork

  • vectorised file saved in .cdr, .pdf, .ai, .eps, fonts in vectors,
  • artworks with gradient saved in .tif, .jpg, .ps,

2. Thickness of lines

  • the smallesst printable thickness of line is 0,2mm in positive and 0,4mm in negative,
  • in engraving (Deep Effect) required minimal thickness of line in positive is 1mm, 1,5mm in negative,
  • in laser print required minimal thickness of line in positive is 0,2mm, in negative 0,4mm,

3. Full color artworks

  • the smallest required resolution is 300 DPI,
  • ordering a prototype is recommended,
  • in transfer plus print it’s not always possibile to achieve photo quality results, moreover number of colors in complex projects can be modified,

4. Printing area

  • position of imprint must be clarified: 1 position, 2 positions, wallpaper, imprint on the inside, handle imprint, outer bottom imprint, inside bottom imprint,
  • artwork should be adjusted to the printing area of particular model of mug,

5. Color range

  • according to Pantone chart,
  • due to high temperature firing process and different materials of articles color possibilites are limited,
  • 15 % deviation of color must be accepted and can’t be matter of complain,

6. Resistance of imprints

  • imprints applied on porcelain and ceramic articles are fired in 840 C and are fully dishwasher and scratchy proof,
  • imprints applied on glass and low temperature printing methods aren’t completely resistant to the mechanical damage,