Environmental awareness policy - Pro Media Sp. z o.o.

We are aware that our production processes and we influence the natural environment. We try to rationally use natural resources such as water and energy, and where possible minimize their consumption. For many years, we have included environmental issues at every level of management, starting with the planning of our activities. The dynamic development of our business takes into account the principles of respect for social and environmental issues for present and future generations. As a conscious company, we care to minimize, and if possible eliminate, the negative effects of environmental impact on our production processes.


The management of Pro Media Sp. z o.o. undertakes to:

- providing the necessary resources to achieve the objectives of the "Environmental Awareness Policy",

- undertaking actions guaranteeing the implementation of the objectives of the "Environmental Awareness Policy".


The environmental awareness policy and information on actions taken for the environment are disseminated among the company's employees, people working for or on behalf of the company, our suppliers and recipients, as well as made available to other interested parties.


Pro-environmental goals at Pro Media Sp. z o.o.

Activities pursuing pro-environmental goals at Pro Media Sp. z o.o.

Acting in accordance with the law

  • Reliable compliance with applicable law and generally accepted standards and rules in the field of environmental protection.

Correct segregation with municipal waste

  • Conducting responsible and meticulous segregation with municipal waste.
  • Verification of theoretical and practical knowledge among employees about the segregation of municipal waste.

Minimizing emissions to the environment

  • The use of products and semi-finished products checked in terms of safety for people and the environment in the production process.

  • The use of modern technologies and solutions aimed at minimizing the emission of harmful pollutants into the environment.

Elimination of the possibility of an environmental accident

  • Supervising the correct operation and systematic maintenance of machines and all devices used in the production process.

  • Regular inspections and inspections of plumbing, electrical and central heating installations.

Investments and pro-environmental purchases

  • Analysis of environmental aspects when making investment and company purchasing decisions necessary for the production process.

Cooperation with aware external entities

  • Accurate verification of cooperating entities in the category of wastewater and municipal waste recipients who meet all legal requirements and social expectations in the field of environmental protection.

Environmentally friendly production

  • Constant supervision of the correct storage of products and semi-finished products used in the production process.

  • Reduction of electricity, fuel, paper, foil and all other products harmful to the natural environment.

  • Continuous improvement of the production process to make it as environmentally friendly as possible.

Shaping pro-environmental awareness

  • Continuous improvement of employees' qualifications, awareness and knowledge in the field of environmental protection and applicable laws.

Reuse of production-related materials (cardboard)

  • Secondary use of cardboard material during the later stages of the contract.

  • Limited purchase of new carton boxes.