Coffee 2 Go


  • 118 mm Height:
  • 90 mm Diameter:
  • 400 ml Capacity:
  • porcelain Material:

Available colors

Example projects:

Description of a product

This product was created to replace paper cups in favor of a porcelain reusable alternative. This simple idea combined with the colorful accessories has gained great popularity among many well-known and conscious brands. Its additional advantage area two advertising spaces separated by a band, which can be given an unique character of the gift.


Decorating techniques:
  • Transfer Plus - 1 side
  • Transfer Plus - 2 sides
  • Transfer Plus - Wallpaper
  • Polylux - 1 side
  • Polylux - 2 sides
  • Polylux - Wallpaper
  • Direct Print
  • Deep Effect
Printing area Placeholder
Logistic details:
Mini pallet
80 cm x 45 cm
Half pallet
80 cm x 60 cm
Euro pallet
120 cm x 80 cm
32 pcs
320 pcs
320 pcs
896 pcs
32 pcs
320 pcs
320 pcs
1344 pcs
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