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  • 103 mm Height:
  • 83 mm Diameter:
  • 320 ml Capacity:
  • ceramics Material:

Available colors

Description of a product

Mug with a colorful interior, ear and spoon in the same color for sublimation printing. The spoon can be placed in the holes located in the cup's ear. Thanks to sublimation printing, we easily obtain excellent photographic quality, perfect tonal transitions while maintaining the smallest details.

Decorating techniques:
  • Sublimation - wallpaper
  • Polylux - on the handle
  • Polylux - on the inside wall
  • Polylux - on the outer bottom
Printing area Placeholder
Logistic details:
Mini pallet
80 cm x 45cm
Half pallet
80 cm x 60 cm
Euro pallet
120 cm x 80 cm
36 pcs
288 pcs
576 pcs
1440 pcs
PRO-7 / PRO-7A
27 pcs
216 pcs
432 pcs
810 pcs